Merged SPCA will 'achieve more for animals'

  • 18/06/2017
Merged SPCA will 'achieve more for animals'

SPCA says it will have the resources to do more for animals after delegates voted to form one national organisation from its current 45 independent centres.

The vote was held at the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals annual general meeting on Saturday.

"As one SPCA we can achieve more for our country's most vulnerable animals than we could as a fragmented organisation," says acting chief executive Andrea Midgen.

“Most people in New Zealand already think we’re one organisation… what this will mean is we can speak with one voice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from a poor area or a better off area, you’ll get the same service.”

The decision to move to one SPCA was made after two years of discussions and consultation.

Ms Midgen said the move was not about closing any SPCA centres.

"It is a genuine effort to bring a national organisation together to work as a team and get the right outcome for every animal in New Zealand," she said.

“No one will lose their jobs. If they’re here today they’ll be here tomorrow.

“In fact, it’s actually created a few jobs.”

Ms Midgen says the focus of every SPCA won’t change.

"We want to help animals in need and support our communities."

Local support for the animals was as important as ever, she said.