Mum shows support for son from her coffin

Christchurch, District Court
The man was facing an assault charge. Photo credit: File

The mother of a man who was appearing before a judge at the Christchurch District Court hasn't let her recent death stopped her showing her support.

The unnamed man in his 30's was in custody on a charge of assault when an urgent application was put before the judge to allow the man to be granted bail on compassionate grounds following his mother's death.

The man's mother died two days before-hand but she still made it to the appearance along with the man's father and other members of his family.

"Isn't his mother dead?" Judge Tom Gilbert asked the man's defence counsel.

To which the defence counsel explained that the family of the man brought the mother's coffin in the back of a van that was parked outside the court to show her on-going support.

That led to Judge Gilbert granting the bail application on compassionate grounds and allowed the man to travel to Hawkes Bay for his mother funeral before returning himself back to custody next week.