Murderer Liam Reid to marry former lawyer

Liam Reid, Murder
Liam Reid is serving 26 years in prison. Photo credit: Newshub

Convicted rapist and murderer Liam Reid is set to marry his disgraced former lawyer in prison on Tuesday, according to reports.

Reid was sentenced to a minimum of 26 years non-parole for the murder and rape of Christchurch woman Emma Agnew in 2007.

The "evil and dangerous predator" was also convicted of the rape and attempted murder of a Dunedin woman just days after the Agnew attack.

His soon-to-be wife Davina Murray was acting as his lawyer when she was convicted of smuggling contraband to a prisoner after sneaking an iPhone, cigarettes and a lighter to Reid while he was in Mt Eden prison in 2011.

Liam Reid, Davina Murray, Crime
Davina Murray outside the Auckland High Court in 2015. Photo credit: Newshub

Murray denied the accusations and appealed her conviction - for which she was sentenced to 100 hours community work - but the guilty verdict stands.

Following her conviction, she was also removed from the register of lawyers by the New Zealand Law Society.