New methamphetamine testing standards introduced

New standards have been introduced for testing methamphetamine residue in homes, and they're not as strict as they were.

Property managers say that will mean more homes will be tested for the drug, more often.

"It's more attainable to bring a property back to a level which is within the standards," says Crockers Property Management's Shanon Aitken.

In 2016, the Drug Foundation said the country had been sucked in by the methamphetamine testing industry and the threshold for a fail test is far too low.

"Make no mistake, [meth decontamination companies] aren't in it for the public good; they're in it for their own profits," said Ross Bell from the Drug Foundation.

Housing New Zealand has also been accused of falsely evicting tenants and wasting taxpayers' money on unnecessary meth decontamination.

Scientists Newshub spoke to say the new accepted limit of 1.5 micrograms per square metre poses no health risk.