Protests over Auckland water treatment plant

Hundreds of west Aucklanders have launched a protest over plans to build a replacement water treatment plant.

Rather than remove four hectares of native bush, they want Watercare to build on the existing site.

Titirangi locals came out in droves to make their voices heard.

They say destroying four hectares of native bush for another water treatment plant is unacceptable.

"This street's called Woodlands Park Road because it is so wooded, it's basically the essential character of this street it's the gateway to the Waitakere Ranges," Titirangi Protection Group's Simon Kitson says.

Watercare announced last week its preferred site for a new and more efficient water treatment plant next to the existing site in Titirangi.

It'll be the third water treatment plant on the road and locals are concerned the area's becoming an industrial park.

"It's obviously significant ecologically, not just in terms of the trees but also the wildlife, we believe there might be some endangered wildlife in there, bats, skinks etc, and some endangered plant, but also the streams," Mr Kitson says.

Titirangi locals are known for their passionate protests and they're not taking this fight lying down.

Watercare says Auckland needs a bigger plant, to service a growing city.  

It's already ruled out building on the existing site but says it'll work with the local community during the planning consent process.

Already 1600 have signed a petition against the proposal.

The Titirangi Protection Group will meet next week to discuss its next move.