The story of Sky the window cleaner guy

If you've ever walked around Auckland you've probably seen Sky - the window cleaner guy.

Sky came here with his wife and two kids more than 20 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after serving six years in the US Navy.

Initially he could only find a job working two days a week at Kmart through the New Zealand Employment Agency.

But with the cost of city living so high, his income was far from what he required to support his family.

Whilst wandering Auckland streets after work one day, he saw someone washing car windows for money. A light bulb went off - and to this day it's never dimmed.

Windows were Sky's calling and cleaning them became his game. Sky upskilled to washing shop windows once the car window hustle was banned, and the rest is history.

In business you need to have a competitive edge, and Sky's is his personality and his trademark flame cowboy hat. Sky is a character, and says his eccentricity and charisma are his market edge.

How much does he make? Well it's rude to ask and unfair to divulge, but between us, Sky the window cleaner guy is doing pretty well.

He earns an income that would make your average Kmart employee exchange the scanner for the window squeegee pretty quickly.

Sky is someone who immigrated to New Zealand and made something of himself by not giving up. And with immigration restrictions currently being debated,it maybe harder for people like Sky make it to New Zealand now.


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