Top New Zealand film location Arcadia Station up for sale

Queenstown, Hollywood, Tom Cruise
The land is well-known as the shooting location of many Hollywood films. Photo credit:

A piece of Hollywood in New Zealand is up for sale for a cool $15 million.

Arcadia Station in Glenorchy, near Queenstown, comes with an 11-bedroom residential house and boasts 66ha of land surrounded by "pristine native forest, spectacular snow-capped mountains and unobstructed views of Diamond Lake".

Queenstown, Hollywood, Tom Cruise
The property comes with a water front view of Diamond Lake. Photo credit:

The seller says the property is "immediately recognisable" as a film location for Hollywood blockbuster movies.

More than 15 films have been shot there, including The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies and Narnia films like The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian, as well as television shows.

Queenstown, Hollywood, Tom Cruise
The 11 bedroom house on the land only has one bathroom. Photo credit:

The location is also just around the corner from Rees Valley, where filming of Mission: Impossible 6 is believed to be taking place.

Actors Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Henry Cavill have all been spotted out and about in Queenstown lately during filming.

Queenstown, Hollywood, Tom Cruise
You might find a few other residents on the land too. Photo credit:

The real estate listing describes the piece of land as "one of the most awe- inspiring and serene locations on Earth".

"For some incredibly lucky individual seeking to escape to find peace privacy and safety, simply unmatchable."

The listing has been described as an "excellent opportunity" for any potential buyers, who are encouraged to get in early because "there is only one of these. Ever."