Trio of cows cruise through Pukekohe

Three calves have had a tight squeeze in the back of a car as it drove down a Pukekohe main road.

The footage emerged on the Only In New Zealand Facebook page on Saturday morning. It's not clear when the video was taken.

"Three cows in the back of a car in Pukekohe!" the man filming can be heard saying, clearly shocked. Another man laughs in disbelief. Their accents suggest they could be visitors for the Lions Tour.

"They aren't dogs by the way."

The clip was viewed more than 24,000 times in the first three hours. It is unclear who shot the original video.

Some locals were less than impressed.

"Nothing unusual, mooooove on," one Facebook user commented.

"Meh, that's how I got to the A&P shows around the Waikato with my calf back in the day," another said.