Auckland boy racers in truck driver assault say they're 'responsible' people

The owner of the Honda that was involved in the accident that led to the assault of an Auckland truck driver says he's "petrified" and isn't eating or sleeping after receiving multiple death threats.

He says he's been sent death threats since video footage of the attack on truck driver Jordan Martin, 21, was released online.

The Honda owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells Newshub he and his family members have received more than 100 threats.

"People have been trying to message me and my family with loads of death threats… saying they'll come into my house with guns," he says.

"I feel petrified. I can't sleep. I haven't eaten in two days… I don't know how to deal with it, to be honest.

"They went to my work and threatened to burn my work. I've lost my job because of this. My flatmates have kicked me out [because] they're terrified. "

The video on social media shows a truck clipping a car, and a subsequent assault on the truck driver by a mob.

One of the boy racers present at the incident disputes the truck driver's claims of an unprovoked attack, telling NZME Mr Martin dragged the Honda several metres, and swerved at the Honda driver when he tried to yell him down. 

"We're not the people that they're portraying. I just want people to know the real story."

He says those responsible for the assault and theft have been spoken to by police.

"It's just s**t because this guy has gone and made it out to be the boy racers, which has shed a bad light. The general public already don't like the boy racers. [Mr Martin] needs to be honest.

"We've got responsible jobs and responsible lives. Yes, we were at an illegal car meet, but the reason we were there is because there's no public down there."

Mr Martin claims he got blocked in by an aggressive group while driving through the suburb of Penrose. He says tried to negotiate through a gap but accidentally clipped the front of the Honda. 

Mr Martin told Newshub he was "in shock" as he was dragged out of the truck. 

"I was just trying to defend myself from there, keep them out of the tuck and stop them trying to drag me out. There was a crapload of people there and it would have just escalated if I did get out."

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. Anyone with any information or video footage is urged to contact the Manukau police station on (09) 261 1300.

Information may also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.