Auckland McDonald's serves man raw chicken patty

Auckland McDonald's serves man raw chicken patty
Photo credit: Phillip Blake / supplied

McDonald's has apologised after an Auckland man was served a raw chicken patty in his burger.

Phillip Blake told Newshub he had ordered two burgers and had eaten half of one of them before noticing. He then took a photo of the second burger and shared it online.

"I was raging at the time as I had just consumed half a raw chicken burger," he said.

"The manager apologised and refunded me the money but as I can't exactly un-eat the burger, I had a vent on Facebook to let the head office know what had happened at that store."

McDonald's has since apologised, saying similar incidents are "extremely rare".

A spokesperson told Newshub after Mr Blake returned the burger, staff apologised and began investigating.

"At this stage it appears the cause was human error," the spokesperson said.

"In the 30 million plus orders we've handled this year, we've had fewer than 20 complaints relating to undercooked food.

"Regardless, we constantly look at ways to reduce of incidents like this occurring."

Mr Blake said he's happy with how McDonald's dealt with the issue and has since removed a Facebook post he made complaining about the patty.

"I think I will be staying clear from any fast food for a while yet," he said.


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