Cantabs celebrate snow with whisky and an igloo

A father and daughter duo have made the most of the heavy snow in Canterbury, building an igloo and sipping on whiskey to keep warm.

Fenna Beets built the temporary igloo on their family farm just outside Oxford.

"We haven't made one before [and] it ended up being quite a bit bigger than anticipated," she says.

"We were probably in here for about an hour just hanging out."

Canterbury, Snow
The igloo was originally planned for the family dog. Photo credit: Newshub

The hour-and-a-half build was originally planned to just house the family dog.

"We started building the blocks and we thought this was going a bit quicker than we thought," Ms Beets says.

"So we thought we'd upscale the project and make it big enough for the wolfpack."

Snow blanketed much of the South Island on Wednesday leaving some motorists stranded and townships cut-off.

The effects of the wild winter weather can still be felt across much of the inland plains as the front moves north and slowly eases off.