Christchurch City Council looking to ban roadside car sales

Cars, Christchurch
Other councils have already banned the practice. Photo credit: Getty

The Christchurch City Council (CCC) is proposing to ban roadside car sales.

It's in the process of developing a new traffic and parking bylaw which would replace the current rules in an attempt to stop the sales.

Unless a vehicle was being used for day-to-day travel, a bylaw clause would mean a person can't stop, stand or park a vehicle on any road or parking place and offer their vehicle for sale.

City council head of strategic policy Helen Beaumont said the roadside sales make it dangerous for drivers, according to NZME.

"Drivers have been seen making risky manoeuvres, such as U-turns, in order to get a better view or to park alongside the cars for sale."

The CCC is expected to consider a draft in August and following a public hearing, the bylaw could be in force by December this year.

Ms Beaumont added the bylaw would be monitored by parking enforcement officers.

Those parking officers could also issue instant fines for anyone caught breaking the bylaw.

In other districts, people are allowed to put their cars up for sale if they have permission from their councils.

However other councils around the country have already banned the practice.