DNA improvements to help solve 30-year-old murder case

Police are hoping improvements in DNA testing will help solve the 30 year old Red Fox Tavern murder.

Publican Chris Bush was shot dead during a robbery at the pub in Maramarua in 1987.

Police have reopened the case because of new "credible" evidence.

Chris Bush was having a drink with three staff after closing time when two men burst into Maramarua's Red Fox Tavern, shot him dead and made off with $25,000.

Detective Inspector Gary Lendrum hopes the police can act on a fresh lead 30 years on.

"Last year we received some what I believe is quite credible information as to the identity of the persons responsible for this killing."

Police say the two men left items at the scene which will now hopefully solve the case.

"Obviously in 1987 DNA was in its infancy so the items that have been left behind are being retested and we are hopeful that they may produce a result for us."

They won't say what those items are or whether an arrest is imminent.

Police are appealing for anyone who knew something 30 years ago but was too afraid to talk then to come forward now.

"The offending to me was quite mature in that the two men went there with the intention of committing a robbery, they have then killed someone but then went ahead with their plan."

"30 years on we are probably looking at people in their late 50's early 60's, they will no longer have the influence that they did 30 years ago."

The unsolved shooting has left a shadow over Maramarua and the Red Fox Tavern, but now the town and Mr Bush's widow Gay and his two daughters are hoping justice will finally come.