Ex-inmate with 'DEVAST8' facial tattoo accepts job offer

Mark Cropp got his facial tattoo while in prison.
Mark Cropp got his facial tattoo while in prison. Photo credit: The Project

An ex-inmate who struggled to find employment because of a confronting facial tattoo has finally accepted one of 45 job offers, after going public with his struggle.

Teenager Mark Cropp has the word 'DEVAST8', his nickname, plastered across the lower half of his face while drunk on homebrew in prison.

Cropp had spent two years behind bars for pulling a knife on a tourist after trying to sell them fake cannabis.

After admitting his mistake on Facebook, and the subsequent judgement by potential employers, he was inundated with job offers.

"There are so many options to take up on... it's hard to choose which one," he told Newshub last week.

Now the 19-year old father has accepted one of the offers in Auckland.

"Mark has accepted a local scaffolding job," his girlfriend told Daily Mail Australia.

"He could be starting as early as Monday."

He's also taken up an offer from a tattoo removal company to laser-remove his ink, free of charge. He had his first treatment earlier this week.