Ex-inmate with 'DEVAST8' facial tattoo on the brink of accepting job

Tattoo artist
Mark Cropp says 'DEVAST8' is his nickname. Photo credit: The Project

An ex-inmate struggling to find work because of a confronting facial tattoo says he's on the brink of taking up a job offer.

Mark Cropp, 19, has the word 'DEVAST8', his nickname, covering the lower half of his face. Cropp says he got the tattoo done when he was drunk on homebrew in prison a few months ago.

He spent two years behind bars for pulling a knife on a tourist after trying to sell them fake cannabis.

He posted to Facebook last week, saying he has struggled to find work since his release to support his family.

"Im keen as to work but have one thing that is stoping me and thats my tattoo on my face,[sic]" he said on Facebook.

He's since told Newshub he is "going to take up one offer shortly".

"There are so many options to take up on... it's hard to choose which one," he says.

He's also taken up an offer from a tattoo removal company to laser-remove his ink, free of charge.