Fifth of all emergency calls using locater system

  • 10/07/2017

A new system to locate the position of people calling 111 on mobile phones is proving its worth, ministers responsible say.

The new caller location system for 111 mobile phone calls has been running for two months.

During that time more than 145,000 genuine 111 calls have been made to emergency services and operators used the system on 20 percent of calls.

Police Minister Paula Bennett, Communications Minister Simon Bridges and Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne all say the system is vital and is improving public safety.

"This solution sees New Zealand leading the way in emergency response systems, alongside the United Kingdom and other European countries," Mr Bridges says.

It's still important for callers to tell emergency services operators where they are.

The public and private sectors had worked together on the system, Mr Dunne said.

Organisations involved including the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, St John and Wellington Free Ambulance, Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone, Datacom and Google.