Grabaseat glitch exposes passenger details

Person on computer holding credit card
Customers were shocked to have their contact details obtained by strangers. Photo credit: File

Some customers using Air New Zealand’s Grabaseat sale today may have been surprised by more than just the low airfares on offer.

The website hit turbulence when it was overwhelmed with visitors, causing an error which exposed some passenger information to other visitors logging into the website.

Joy Hunt contacted Newshub after receiving a phone call from someone she had never met who obtained her contact details by logging into the website.

"I felt violated because that's my private information," she said.

Air New Zealand has apologised to Hunt and a spokesperson confirmed the glitch.

“For a short period of time this afternoon very limited customer information may have been available to be viewed.  This was limited to the name, email address and phone number of a small number of individuals. “

The airline said credit card details and Airpoints information were never insecure or available to view by visitors to the site.

“Unfortunately as our team worked to manage the demand, a technical glitch occurred within the Grabaseat site.  As soon as the issue was identified the site was immediately taken down and the problem resolved.”

Grabaseat’s 11th Birthday sale was offering return international flights to destinations such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong and the Pacific Islands for as low as $599 and domestic fares from $1.