Hamilton Jet's latest design shines in Christchurch

After two decades the Hamilton Jet's jetboat engine has had a re-design leaving it more modern.

The shiney new Hamilton look was unveiled on the Christchurch showroom floor on Friday.

Jet boat enthusiasts eyed up Hamilton Jet's latest design two and a half years in the making.

"It looks pretty smart," one person said.

"[It] reminds me more of the older style of boats with the deeper hull than the speedy sleek newer ones," another said.

The Hamilton Jet 4-70 is the first real shake up of its design in the jet boats history.

"The same design has been around for twenty five years so we thought we'd have to get a little bit more radical  with our design and basically in to the 20th century," general manager John Connoley says.

The first jet boats were tested at Irishman's Creek in the Mckenzie Country in the 1950's.

The invention revolutionised recreational boating, the powerful boats were built to tackle the shallow South Island rivers using jets of water to propel them upstream and downstream.

"This boat is quite a radical departure from the traditional boat a lot of people would see Hamilton boats as a turnkey boat that could be used anywhere in rivers, this boat incorporates some of the things that you might usually see more in a lake," Jet Boating New Zealand president Paul Mullen says.