Hamilton mum reveals trick for making 62 meals for $100

  • 11/07/2017
Katie Lynch's bulk foods
Katie Lynch posted photos of the meals on Facebook. Photo credit: Facebook

A Hamilton mother-of-two has wowed Facebook users after posting pictures of the 62 meals she prepped for her family using only $100.

Katie Lynch, who runs the blog 'Busy Happy Kids', encourages parents to get their kids outside and playing, and to make meals from scratch.

She posted on her Facebook page that she was challenging herself to see how many meals she could make with a single $100 bill.

The meals, which worked out at $1.62 per serving, all included vegetables and a palm sized serving of meat.

"For our family, two adults and two young children this has worked out as $4.86 per dinner. So this $100 worth will last us three full weeks of dinners," Ms Lynch wrote.

"These are meals that I cook regularly; I haven't tried to create anything different to what I would normally cook. They are all meals that are fast, nutritious, filling and easy to make".

The meals, which she cooked over a couple of days, included chicken rice risotto, chicken and pasta bake, cottage pie, and spaghetti bolognaise. Ms Lynch said they'll remain in her freezer until the family cracks into them.

More than 18,000 people have viewed the impressive meal prep online. Commenters included busy mothers who were inspired to cook their own $100 challenges, thanking Ms Lynch for her recipes.

"Hi Catherine - 1st off, I just want to say, Thank you! I've been meaning to do something similar, but, couldn't put thoughts into ACTION - but, you've done it FOR ALL OF US MUMS - and thank you. I know it's do-able" one mother wrote online.