Hikoi to keep Tauranga Harbour

Tauranga. Photo credit: Getty

Campaigners against a controversial Treaty of Waitangi settlement fear the traditional Māori landscape could change drastically. 

A number of Hauraki iwi will be given rights over Tauranga Harbour if an agreement with the Government gets the signoff. More than 600 people are expected to cross Wairoa Bridge on Sunday morning. 

Māna Moana's Meremaihi Aloua says more than 10 iwi could ultimately take hold of the area.

"There's only ever been three iwi," she told Newshub.

Ms Aloua says the fight is far from over and there's plans to take protests to the regions.

"This protest is to elevate the level of what we are doing. Moving outside of our region, as you can imagine that level will go up 10 times."

The hīkoi will take place at 10:30am.