Kiwi reportedly shot dead in Philippines

  • 27/07/2017
Simon Rawlinson, 63, was reportedly killed by armed motorcyclists
Simon Rawlinson, 63, was reportedly killed by armed motorcyclists. Photo credit:

A New Zealander has reportedly been shot and killed by gun-toting motorcyclists in the Philippines.

Local media named the man as Simon Rawlinson, 63, who was living in Maripipi - a small island in near the centre of the archipelago.

He was shot in Naval, a town on Biliran, a larger island just to the southeast, reported Philippines Lifestyle News.

Mayor Gerard Espina offered a reward worth about $2080 for information leading to the killers' arrest. He later said "two down, one more to go", suggesting two of the alleged motorcyclists had been caught.

"It's early to tell if this is related to the number of reported incidences which involved the gunned person in Maripipi," Mr Espina told his Facebook followers.

"Let's suspend our speculations. Once we have apprehended the gunmen, we will know the whole story."

Photographs published by and Philippines Lifestyle News showed the dead man's body lying in the gutter, face-down with one leg propped up on the footpath.

The New Zealand embassy in Manila is working to confirm the man's identity with Filipino authorities.