Kiwi workers drinking litres of energy drinks

  • 18/07/2017
Kiwi workers drinking litres of energy drinks
Photo credit: File

A Kiwi farming employer is considering telling its workers to stop drinking energy drinks like water, saying some are drinking litres of the stuff.

The employer, referred to on Facebook as "a progressive farming group", has turned to the public for advice about how to reduce energy drink consumption in the workplace.

In an anonymous post to the NZ Farming group,  the employer said "Some of the staff are drinking 2 to 3 litres of energy drinks a day which exceeds the maximum daily recommendation from the get go."

"Our next focus is going to be on reducing energy drink consumption in the Workplace (the bloody cans are EVERYWHERE) It sounds a bit invasive but we can't help but think its an artificial stimulant that may not really be doing a whole lot of good in the long run."

They then asked people if they supported the idea or if it was too invasive, and there have been varied responses. Some people said it was none of the employer's business, while others agreed that the employer should take a stand.

A commenter said they were being too intrusive.

"They know the daily limit I'm sure. Maybe asking them why they feel they need to consume so many energy drinks may give you a different issue to resolve?"

Another commenter was angry about the idea, and said he'd quit if his employer told him to stop drinking energy drinks. "Leave the boys alone if the work is done to the correct standard then what's your problem. If I was a member of your staff and you hit me with this I would be seeking new employment!"

There were supportive comments too, with some people saying it was a health and addiction issue, and the employer was right to be concerned.

"No way are you encroaching on their personal life. Drinking that amount is unhealthy and obviously an addiction. You are clearly looking out for the health and safety of your workers. Good on ya."

Others suggested that the employer could offer free healthy food and drinks, offer health checks for staff members and advice on how to make healthier choices.

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation advises that people should only consume 300 - 400mg of caffeine each day, and no more than 12 teaspoons of sugar. A 250ml energy drink contains between 80-120mg of caffeine, and can contain as much as six teaspoons of sugar.