Lotto Powerball mishap has punters angry

If your Powerball number for last night's Lotto draw was six - uh-oh. You might have just missed out on a fortune.

A mishap in the live draw meant it had to be redone off-camera, with the new Powerball number being reported as 1.

"There it is - Powerball number six," host Sonia Gray said, as the ball settled on the pipe, congratulating would-be winners.

But then it got knocked out by another ball, still bouncing around the cage.

"Unfortunately we appear to be experiencing some technical difficulties. The remainder of the draw will now be conducted off-air under audit scrutiny," she told viewers.

The new Powerball number was reported as 1, with no jackpot winners - the prize rolling over to $6 million on Wednesday night.

But as the Powerball can enhance the winnings in any division, unhappy punters took to social media to complain.

"How could she say 6 if a number didn't come up! I'm not buying tickets again it's a con," wrote Kellie Smith.

"Obviously Lotto must be rigged as there would be no need to switch the numbers off-air? Doesn't this seem a little bit suspicious?" said Gabriella May.

"It's complete crap, it was clearly 6. Even the new website with the animated draw is crap," said Martin Bennetts.

But not everyone was annoyed.

"I can't complain, I won more with the new Powerball number," said Jamie Woods.

A spokesperson for Lotto told Newshub the event was highly unusual.

"There have been about a handful of occasions in Lotto's 30-year history in which either the Lotto or Powerball has had to be conducted off-air," Emilia Mazur said.

She said the draw was conducted off air under audit scrutiny and Lotto processes will be reviewed ahead of the next draw.

The official results saw one player win First Division, a lucky online player from Waikato taking home $1 million.

Strike Four has also jackpotted, and will be $300,000 on Wednesday.


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