Most Kiwis satisfied with their lives - survey

Most Kiwis are happy with their lives, according to New Zealand's largest survey of well-being, the General Social Survey (GSS).

The survey, released on Thursday, has found more than 83 percent of New Zealanders are satisfied with their lives in Aotearoa after rating their overall life satisfaction between zero and 10.

The survey was conducted on almost 9000 Kiwis and the results are similar to that in 2014.

The survey took into factor a number of characteristics including:

  • Freedom rights and peace
  • Environment
  • People in New Zealand
  • Agriculture and farming
  • New Zealand history
  • Sports
  • Maori culture
  • New Zealand symbols and icons
  • Multiculturalism¬†
  • Art and artistic achievements

It found Kiwis' freedom rights and peace was the most important characteristic of New Zealand and Art and artistic achievements the least important characteristic.

The survey was carried out around the country in both 2016 and 2017 and suggests 18 percent of people said they had more than enough money to meet every day needs.

On the other hand, 11 percent of people said they did not have enough to meet every day needs, which was down from 15 percent in 2008.

"The economy was shrinking in 2008, with GDP down in each quarter that year and the unemployment rate rising too," senior analyst Dr Rosemary Goodyear said. 

"In contrast, in 2016 the economy grew more than 3 percent."