Pleasant Point couple stitch up new taxidermy venture

Taxidermy isn't the most common career path, but a couple in Pleasant Point are giving it a go. 

At their home, there's plenty to look at, and there's plenty looking back at you.

From soft and fluffy pets, to an intimidating Alaskan, and the scaly critters, including a salmon.

Catherine Morrison and her husband Rob purchased the Pleasant Point business last year. There was just one catch - they'd never mounted any animals before.

The world renowned business was in the O'Rourke family for 50 years and Lance O'Rouke, who sold the business, is training the newbies.

"I thought, 'Yeah there'll be a bit of a challenge here'," he told Newshub.

They're fast learning the tricks of the trade - salting, tanning and drying.

And they need to. Ms Morrison and the team can barely keep up with demand.

The trophies take a year to mount and many heads are crated up and shipped to collectors around the world.

Ms Morrison says every day, they're left wondering how they managed to get in this situation - learning the art of taxidermy and bringing animals back to life.


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