Quarter of Kiwis prefer pets to partners

  • 13/07/2017

If you thought your partner favoured their furry pal over your relationship, you're probably right.

Almost two-thirds of Kiwi homes have a pet, with the most common being cats, dogs and fish, according to the New Zealand Companion Animal Council.

And a new survey published by Canstar Blue has found a quarter of Kiwi pet parents would rather spend time with their fur friends over their members of their immediate family.

Spokesperson Emma Quantrill said it proves people really do see their pets as parts of the family.

"It's a win-win situation because they are a very welcome addition for us humans, and the animals themselves also benefit from feeling love, secure and part of a pack - even cats!" she said.

The survey also found more than a third of Kiwis cuddle up with their pets at night, letting them sleep on the humans' bed.

Ms Quantrill said those who have opened their hearts to a fuzzy companion know how strong the emotional bond between them can be.

"There is also a huge amount of independent research that has proven how valuable pets are to our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, so it's no surprise we place so much value on them."

For those whose partners aren't so keen to share the bed with someone fluffy, it appears it could be an easy choice between them.