Second boy racer speaks out after truck driver assault

A second boy racer is speaking out after an Auckland street race that turned violent on Friday night.

A truck driver was allegedly beaten with a mini-fridge and a piece of wood during the incident in the industrial Auckland suburb of Penrose.

Dylan McIntosh, one of the boy racers seen in the video, says he is now a marked man.

"Not just me, my flatmates, my house... I have a six-year-old kid here and they've threatened my kids."

Truck driver Jordan Martin, 21, claims he got blocked in by the aggressive group while driving through the suburb. He says he tried to negotiate through a gap but accidentally clipped the front of the Honda.

"They took my cards, my phone the fuel cards and wrecked the fridge."

Dylan says he wasn't involved in the attack and he wasn't one of the men who assaulted Mr Martin. In fact, he says he helped him find his keys.

"I found them on the floor and they were his then I stayed around and cleaned up the glass after the police were gone so nobody's car got damaged by the glass."

But it hasn't stopped him receiving violent death threats after the video went viral.

"I went to the police station to put forward my side of what happened and got threatened in the police station by somebody, it's pretty bad."

The owner of the Honda, which was earlier dragged down the road by the truck, also spoke exclusively to Newshub last night but didn't want to be identified, fearing for his safety.

He says people have been telling him they're going to his house with "guns, gang members... they're looking for you".

He's been fired from his job and kicked out of his flat.

"It's quite frankly disgusting. And the people that did do it and didn't own up should really come forward and own up."

Both boy racers condemn the violence and mob mentality that overtook the crowd.

Mr Martin told Newshub he feels sorry for the two boy racers.

He too is calling for an end to the threats so police can get to the bottom of exactly what happened.