Someone is selling cigarette ash on Trade Me - and they appear to be serious

  • 19/07/2017
TradeMe, Smoking
It took the seller six months to collect the pile. Photo credit: TradeMe

As far as weird auctions on TradeMe goes, selling a pile of cigarette ash has left a bad taste with some people.

One user has taken the unusual step of putting up for sale the pile of ash they've been collecting for more than six months.

"I started by filling up the shot glass and just carried on from there," the seller said in the TradeMe listing.

The listing includes photos of the pile which has grown so big, the pile is now housed in an ice-cream container.

"It did crumble up a bit putting it into the container so you may [want to] pick up this lot because posting it may crumble it up into finer dust ash even more, it's up to the buyer," the seller added.

Despite having a starting price of $20, the auction has been viewed nearly 7000 times and at least 81 people have put the auction on their watchlist.

TradeMe, Smoking
The pile has grown so big it is now kept in an ice-cream container. Photo credit: TradeMe

The listing has also attracted many comments questioning the auction saying, "imagine what's stuck inside your guts [after smoking] it's just not worth it".

"My 30 year habit nearly cost me my life, heart attack and triple bypass at 45," another user said. 

"That is the reality of smoking for many, maybe even you one day."

Some took a more light-hearted approach, asking what brand of cigarette was used in the completion of the pile.

It's not the first strange auction to appear on TradeMe and is unlikely to be the last. In the past a piece of pita bread claiming to look like Jesus Christ sold for $215, two ghosts "captured" in a vial fetched a reported $2800 and a "scary washing machine" also sold for $5160.

Any potential buyers have until 10pm on Monday night to get their bid in for the popular pile of cigarette ash.