Verdicts reached in car boot death trial

The jury has reached its verdicts in the kidnapping and manslaughter case of a Thai woman in Auckland.

Jindarat Prutsiriporn, 50, fell bound and gagged from the boot of as the car sped off from traffic lights in the south Auckland suburb of Papatoetoe in March 2016.

She suffered serious head injuries and died in hospital two days later.

Eleven people were arrested following her death and six have been on trial in the Auckland High Court, facing manslaughter and kidnapping charges, the rest earlier pleading guilty to their parts.

Following two days of deliberations and 10-weeks of evidence, Seng Lek Live, Apichart Korhomklan and Luigi Havea have been found guilty of kidnapping and manslaughter.

Masi Vaifali and Joseph Haurua have been found guilty of manslaughter, while Tevita Fangupo has been found not guilty of kidnapping.

The crown argued Seng Lek Leiu masterminded the kidnapping, along with members of an elite Headhunters team called the 'Ghost Unit'.

Ms Prutsiriporn was lured out of her home on February 29 under the guise of a drug deal by Ghost Unit member Panepasa Havea  who has pleaded guilty to kidnapping - surprising her with a gun.

Over the next 22 hours, she was tied, tortured, beaten and moved around several properties.

It was while she was being taken to another property that Ms Prutsiriporn managed to free herself from the boot, using a kitchen steel.

A sentencing date has been set for August 24.


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