Voluntary group to address Auckland housing crisis

  • 01/08/2017
"Housing impacts everyone".
"Housing impacts everyone". Photo credit: Newshub.

A voluntary group of concerned Aucklanders are getting together on Tuesday and want to create action to address the Auckland housing crisis, calling the initiative The Auckland Housing Summit.

"The shortage of safe, stable and affordable housing is affecting our children, our communities, our co-workers, our employers, our city, our lives. Housing impacts everyone," leader Leonie Freeman says.

"We recognise that there is no single organisation, idea or person, no matter how innovative or powerful, that can solve Auckland's housing crisis."

The summit aims to bring developers, suppliers, influencers, policy makers, funders, community housing providers and the public sector together.

There will be presentations followed by round-table discussions, with three key sessions looking at why housing matters; a vision and targets for Auckland housing; and what action looks like.

It's being held at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland.