Weather: Calm skies for Eden Park but NZ to be drenched in school holidays

New Zealand's in for a wet start to the school holidays, as unsettled weather lingering over much of the country is here for a while.

But there might be a short respite in Auckland for the third and final Lions Test at Eden Park, NIWA forecaster Chris Brandolino told The AM Show.

"[It's] looking okay; it won't be like Wellington - that's the executive summary - where last week we had the wind and the rain, really just awful weather.

"There may be just a little bit of rain at any point during the evening but it's going to be negligible."

He's encouraging fans to wear a raincoat and rug up just in case.

Mr Brandolino says everywhere in New Zealand can expect potential downpours in the school holidays, after a calm beginning.

"Monday's your best day to take your kids to the park, even for the South Island. Tuesday you could probably get away with it for much of the North Island, but there'll be a southerly change marching north on Tuesday across Southland. That'll move across the South Island Tuesday night into Wednesday."

The big rugby game on Saturday means Auckland's public transport will be running full bore.

"You can expect most of the trains to be running six car sets this time, which is the maximum they can run. So that'll hold at maximum about 950 to 1000 people per train," Auckland Transport's James Ireland says.

He says they've got good systems in place to get people to and from the stadium, so they don't need to drive.