Al Jazeera launches investigation into New Zealand's polluted waterways

  • 31/08/2017

An international media company has launched a two-part investigation into the state of New Zealand's unhealthy waterways.

Al Jazeera's documentary, Polluted Paradise, is part of the People and Power series and focuses on the impact dairy farming has on rivers and lakes.

While the findings are nothing new to many New Zealanders, the documentary aims to reveal the truth behind the country's '100% pure' slogan, which may dispel the clean and green image for many foreigners.

"What lies below the surface of the country's 'fresh' waterways?" the programme asks, noting that the water in New Zealand rivers is the most contaminated in the developed world.

The pollution from cows is equivalent to that of 90 million humans, Al Jazeera says, but "There are few signs that the country is adequately dealing with the problem".