Appeal flushed for poo posting property agent

Grant Tucker has posted condoms, faeces, broken glass and sanitary pads in the mail.
Grant Tucker has posted condoms, faeces, broken glass and sanitary pads in the mail. Photo credit: Supplied.

A real estate agent who sent poo in the post to a former employer has failed to have the cancellation of his licence overturned.

Grant Tucker appealed to the High Court at Auckland in April against the suspension of his real estate licence by the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal in January.

He argued there was insufficient evidence to prove he had sent the four "offensive" packages.

But in a decision on Thursday, Justice Sarah Katz said there was ample circumstantial evidence to back up the tribunal's decision.

"It is clear that the sender of the parcels must have felt a high degree of animosity," she said.

"The alternative scenarios advanced by Mr Tucker are simply implausible and are not supported by the evidence."

The tribunal's charges relate to Mr Tucker's 2011 falling out with his employer Custom Residential and company director John Wills over the payment of commission.

Mr Tucker was later found guilty of disgraceful conduct for sending offensive emails and letters to Mr Wills and his lawyer in 2014, including a package containing faeces and broken glass.

He was also found guilty of a second charge for posting another package in 2015 containing soiled sanitary pads and a condom.

His lawyers contested the tribunal's findings, saying it could not be sure he sent the offensive packages.

They also argued the charges Mr Tucker was found guilty of did not affect his ability to work or practice as a real estate agent and as a result the suspension of his licence was not proportionate.

But Justice Katz said the cancellation of the licence was an appropriate punishment.