Auckland Council to develop new freedom camping bylaw

Auckland Council will develop a new freedom camping bylaw after complaints about illegal camping causing "noise and odours".

It comes after nationwide attention to the problem - which included a French tourist openly defecating in a Dunedin street.

The council says that current rules are inconsistent across the Auckland region and the growth in tourism means sites are increasingly overcrowded.

Councillor Linda Cooper, chair of the regulatory committee, says more effective rules are needed to address growing community concerns.

"Overcrowded camp sites are resulting in illegal camping activities in public areas that the council currently lacks the regulatory and non-regulatory tools to manage," she says.

"This is causing a rise in complaints about how popular locations are being used, including access issues, blocked views, noises and odours from cooking and generators and the demands on facilities like public toilets.

"There are other issues about rubbish, litter or waste which are caused by freedom campers, day visitors and locals alike, which will continue to be managed through Auckland Unitary Plan rules and other bylaws."

It is expected to take 18 months to develop the new bylaw.