Avalanche warnings issued for Mt Tongariro, Taranaki

Mount Taranaki
Mount Tongariro has had an avalanche warning issued. Photo credit: Getty

Avalanche warnings have been issued for Mount Tongariro and Mount Taranaki.

The two mountains and terrain have been issued red 'don't go' warnings, with high danger alerts.

The New Zealand Avalanche Advisory has issued the warning until Wednesday at 6pm for Tongariro, and stated that the danger rating is high for wet slab avalanche activity, and is considerable in scale.

Rainfall is also expected to be high, which will add weight to the snow, increasing the hazard risk.

Snow, rainfall and freezing conditions have made for dangerous conditions, and people are advised to stay well clear of the high alpine region.

The report stated there is considerable concern for loose wet avalanche activity above 1600mm, and while an avalanche may start small as it runs it is likely to gain in mass.

Avalanches from size 1.5 to 3 were reported from Monday on parts of Mount Taranaki, but rain is expected to ease on Wednesday evening.

The warning for Taranaki is in place until Thursday at 6pm, with a high danger warning issued.

The report said the Spring-like conditions mean large, wet, climactic avalanches on the mountain. All users of the National park should beware of the risks as mountain tracks will be affected. 

Tracks that lead into gullies should be avoided, and people are advised to stay off the mountain.