Balclutha woman's lost diamond ring dug up on carrot

A Balclutha woman who lost her mother's eternity ring while gardening more than a decade ago has finally being reunited with the heirloom after it was dug up on a carrot.

For 12 years, Carol Creighton kept an eye out for the gold and diamond ring while in the garden, hoping she might dig it up. Instead, it was her companion Tom Dickson who accidentally stumbled across it while pulling out some carrots from the vege garden on Wednesday.

Balclutha, Carrot
The carrot with the ring embedded. Photo credit: Newshub

Mr Dickson asked for a kiss in return for the ring, but unfortunately for him he was denied his wish because Ms Creighton said she was too sweaty from all the gardening the pair had been doing.

The discovery follows that of a Canadian woman, Mary Grams, who lost her engagement ring at her family farm in 2004 and found it encircled around a carrot just last week.

Ms Grams' daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, pulled a carrot from the soil when she found the ring. 

"I knew it had to belong to grandma or my mother-in-law, because no other women have lived on that farm," Ms Daley said.

She asked if her husband recognised the ring, and he remembered his mother losing it over a decade before.

Ms Grams believes she lost the ring while weeding the garden.

She first got the ring in 1951, a year before she married her husband, Norman, who she never told about losing the ring.