Books on the menu at McDonald's

Little Kiwi and the Dinosaur
Little Kiwi and the Dinosaur, by Bob Darroch. Photo credit: Penguin

Kiwi kids are lovin' it, if 'it' is books.

McDonald's says books are now a permanent item on the menu as a part of its Happy Meal range, after a successful trial last year.

"The response to last year's trial offering the choice of a book or a toy with a Happy Meal was extremely positive," said McDonald's director of marketing Jo Mitchell.

"While toys remain a popular option, parents told us they liked having the choice."

Two books will be offered at any one time, starting with WOW! Space and WOW! Human Body. The other books in rotation will be Little Kiwi and the Dinosaur,  Little Kiwi Looks After the Egg, The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor and The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds.

Over Christmas, Happy Meals will come with either A Kiwi Christmas Carol or The Kiwi Hokey Tokey.

Yoghurt will soon join the menu too. Parents can already swap out chips and soft drinks for healthier options like fruit and flavoured milk or water.