Canterbury's Chris Brown is New Zealand's best butcher

A Canterbury butcher who's picked up awards in every category of the national Pork, Bacon and Ham Awards, doesn't have much left to win.

He's hoping to head back next year, but this time to sit behind the judges table.

For 10 years Chris Brown has ruled supreme, producing the best pork, bacon and ham goods in the country.

"The awards just kept coming. It was almost getting a bit embarrassing to be honest," he says.

He has seven golds, seven silvers and two bronzes, winning most categories multiple times.

This year was no different. Mr Brown puts his success down to his love for the art of butchery. He has some impressive tools, and a passion for bacon - always coming up with new flavours.

"Bacon every day - it's all he talks about. We get home at night and he's ticking over it and you're watching something and all of a sudden it's something about bacon," says his wife, Sue Brown.

Mr Brown admits he has had more than his fair share of bacon.

"We don't eat bacon as much as we used to because we've eaten so much of it," he says.

He has collected awards in every category up for grabs, topped off this year with the supreme trophy, named Producer of the Decade.

"I started patting Sue on the hand, going, 'Gee, I think that's us,' and I was in shock. We were both in shock," he says.

He isn't planning on entering the Pork, Bacon and Ham Awards again; instead he wants to try his hand at something else.

"We got into the car and he said, 'Oh well, the next competition is the sausages,' and I thought, 'Oh no, here we go again,'" Ms Brown says.