Convicted murderer now living in Whangarei

Convicted murderer now living in Whangarei
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Warning: This story contains material that may upset some people

A man who murdered his girlfriend in their Brisbane apartment and stuffed her body in a steel drum is now living in Whangarei, after serving only part of his sentence.

New Zealander Karl Michael Dawson was jailed for life in late 2003, after stabbed Natasha Reid, 23, to death in 2002. Police found a large bloodstain in the couple's unit, which they shared with their 3-year-old son, before discovering her body in a drum in his garage.

Since Dawson's release in June he has been living in Whangarei, subject to a curfew, travel restrictions and psychology treatment. He also must inform his probation officer if he enters another intimate relationship.

The Department of Corrections is helping Dawson to "settle back into life in New Zealand", Northern Region operations director Lynette Cave says.

"This includes helping with accommodation, employment, establishing bank accounts, getting access to benefits etc, to help with their reintegration process."

Dawson, who has "support systems" in Whangarei, is subject to a Returning Offenders Order which enables Corrections to monitor him closely, similar to a parole order.

"Public safety is our top priority," Ms Cave says. "The Returning Offenders Order enables Corrections to manage and monitor certain offenders returning from overseas who previously would have returned to the community without the reintegrative support and supervision required to safeguard them and the public."

The Department of Corrections could not give any further information on Dawson's location, or employment arrangements.