Has Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop gone too far?

The Barnaby Joyce citizenship saga is being put down to "dirty politics" from both sides of the Tasman.

Labour MP Chris Hipkins is under fire for asking what impact "dual citizenship" has on serving politicians in Australia.

That's put the job of Australia's deputy Prime Minister in jeopardy.

As a result Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop came out swinging saying it would be very hard for the Turnbull government to trust the New Zealand Labour Party.

Ms Bishop has since been called out on social media with many saying she was too harsh in her response and went too far meddling in New Zealand politics. 

Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern says Mr Hipkins should have never got involved and has been praised by many for her strong stance in what was her first international relations issue. 

So did Bishop go too far? 

Social Media Presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin looks at the biggest trends of the day.    

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