Kiwi caught in Hurricane Harvey as it sweeps through Texas

An ex-pat Kiwi caught in the Texan floods is staying put, for now, but will be keeping a close eye on the flood that has swept catastrophic devastation across the state.

More than a thousand rescues have been carried out in the city of Houston alone, but hundred more residents are thought to be in need of rescue.

Authorities are urging people to stay put, and are so stretched they've called for anyone who can to help. 

Access out of Houston is difficult, with freeways cut off and floodwaters continuing to rise

Kiwi ex-apt, Sarah Ayala, was caught in the carnage and told Newshub they were staying put for the moment, but were facing having to make some big decisions.

"Do we stay? What do we get? How do we prepare? Do we go to a friend's house now? The kids are feeling that as well, so yeah, there's definitely a bit of emotion there. It's getting a bit draining the longer it goes on."

Ms Ayala said the water was over the curb and coming up the footpath.

"The scary thing is there's nowhere for it to drain anymore. The drain across the road drains into a creek which drains into a river...that's now all backed up, and we're getting heavy rain."

She said they were tired and drained.

The record rainfall has forced so many evacuations, authorities can no longer cope.

People are fleeing their homes with all they can grab, and private boat owners have been asked to help those that officials can't reach.

The conditions are expected to worsen, with one county forced to open its reservoir tomorrow, flooding more homes.

With nowhere to go, it won't drain for months.