Kiwi man's Manurewa UFO footage - is it debunked?

  • 08/08/2017

Footage taken by a Kiwi man appears to show a blazing UFO in the sky above Manurewa, Auckland, but it's not likely to be an alien invasion.

The video was taken on July 31, and was posted to the "UFO - fan" YouTube page, and has since gone viral.

"This the 12th time that I had recorded this UFO in the last 12 weeks!!" the video owner posted.

"People had been guessing it to be a fireball or a meteor, maybe because their camera didn't zoom-in close enough. I guess it is a craft (ufo) of some sort as I can see a pulsating red headlight in some of my captured videos."

The footage shows a large object travelling through the sky, trailed by twin jets of flame. The unidentified object then appears to change direction in some inexplicable manoeuvre.

"A Jet ?? Can a jeft stopped midair and do this [sic]?" UFO - fan asked.

It's a question that has left viewers puzzled, and searching for explanations.

"Is it Nibiru with the two tails, like a comet?" one person asked.

"When the earth is in conjunction with Mars it will really start big time.. they will be hopping off Mars and coming to earth by the hundreds or maybe thousands..  they come in on hyper drive and use Jupiter's gravity to slow down," a commenter argued.

"I have had very lucid dreams of this, how the Intergalactic Federation fended off an invasion of predator ships that looked like that coming in," another said.

But scientific investigation site Metabunk - to which NIWA has directed us - offers a more prosaic answer.

"Cool footage of a sunlit contrailing jet suddenly increasing its rate of climb in the far distance, then continuing with less persistent contrails," wrote Mick West.

"Likely flight is Emirates 435 from Auckland to Brisbane."