Kiwi teacher's registration suspended after oral sex with student

Kiwi teacher's registration suspended after oral sex with student
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A New Zealand teacher had her registration suspended after she performed oral sex on a Year 13 student after a school dinner.

The teacher, whose name has been suppressed, asked the student to walk her home from the dinner - where she had consumed several drinks - and then performed oral sex on him.

The tribunal ruled that the teacher's conduct was "serious misconduct at a very high level" and that "any penalty short of cancellation would be inadequate".

While at the dinner, the teacher had put her hand on the student's lap and touched him with her foot under the table. After leaving the dinner she and the student were in another student's vehicle and she sat on his lap.

She then asked the student to walk her home and they got out the car.

They began kissing and she told the male student "I've never done this before; this feels wrong. You're so young but hot."

She then performed oral sex on him and shortly after he said "I think I better go now," before calling a friend to pick him up.

A number of students became aware of the incident, and it was brought to the attention of the school principal.

The student confirmed to the principal that he'd had received oral sex with the teacher, who initially denied it but later conceded that it could have happened.

The tribunal's decision said the teacher claims she has lost her husband and damaged her relationship with her 15-year-old son and had relocated to a new area.

She is also working seeing a psychologist and has completed two rehabilitation courses.

The school dinner was an alcohol free event, and other teachers had reminded the teacher of this but to no avail. The teacher had told her colleagues that she had been pre-drinking before the event, and she had also brought drinks along to the dinner.

The tribunal said the fact she was drunk was no grounds for her irresponsibility.

"We accept that it may be a symptom of her relationship with alcohol, but that does not excuse it," the decision said.

The teacher had never taught or had specific contact with the student before the night of the school dinner.


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