Nude student bikes through lecture hall for cancer awareness

An Otago University lecture had a rather unusual gate crasher last week when a stark naked student biked through the hall.

But he wasn't simply goofing off, the usual driver for streaking - Paddy O'Brien, from California, pulled off the stunt to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

"It started with a few good mates hanging around and we were shooting ideas to launch our campaign," Mr O'Brien told Newshub.

After having cancer himself as a child, Mr O'Brien says he became "really motivated to get back to the hospital and help people who helped me".

He knew it would take something "shocking" to get the attention of the students, so with the help of four friends, organised the nude cycle.

It wasn't just a shock to the students. As he exited the hall, the lecturer said, "You just can't find good staff anywhere these days", Mr O'Brien says.

"The reaction from the University, from a professional standpoint, is definitely don't do it again."

Through the freezing Dunedin temperatures, it was the adrenaline which kept him going.

"I had a smile on my face the whole time."

While he wasn't completely exposed, Mr O'Brien didn't leave much to the imagination.

"I had rugby strapping tape covering my bits, which in hindsight was a really bad choice... very painful to take off."

Mr O'Brien has set up a donations page his cause.


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