NZDF personnel in the middle of North Korea's missile strike threat

NZDF, Guam
Thirty-three Kiwi personnel are currently in Guam. Photo credit: Royal New Zealand Air Force

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has confirmed 33 Kiwi personnel are currently in Guam, the US territory recently threatened by North Korea.

 A NZDF spokesperson told Newshub a Royal New Zealand Air Force detachment is taking part in a two-week Guam-based training exercise.

"The RNZAF contribution to the exercise is an Orion P-3K2 surveillance aircraft and 33 personnel comprising crew, maintainers and support staff," they said.

"The aim of the exercise is to practise anti-submarine warfare skills alongside forces from the United States and the Japanese Self-Defense Force."

The exercise is due to finish on August 12 and the NZDF confirmed there is no plan to withdraw the contingent early.

North Korea threatens Guam

North Korea, Kim Jong-Un
Tensions between North Korea and the United States are rising. Photo credit: File

On Wednesday, North Korea said it was "carefully examining" plans for a missile strike on the US Pacific territory of Guam.

Hours earlier US President Donald Trump told reporters in Washington DC that North Korea would be met with "fire and fury [sic] like the world has never seen before."

North Korea has been vocal in its attempts to develop nuclear weapons capable of striking the United States mainland.

On-going sanctions by the UN has not deterred the rogue state that has said a plan would be put in to place as soon as their leader Kim Jong-un gave an attack the green light.

Affairs between New Zealand and Guam are limited with figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) showing a $6.8 million trade relationship in 2014.

According to MFAT, the last official visit was a New Zealand Police regional training course held on the island 2013.


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