Organic food too expensive? Grow your own mushrooms on a log

The high price of mushrooms in supermarkets are making Kiwis look closer to home for their fungus fix.

Getting back to the land and growing your own food is becoming increasingly popular with New Zealanders. Now, a healthy mushroom meal could be as simple as lifting up a log in your backyard.

Billy Roy - aka Billy Mushroom - has been running classes on how to grow your own mushrooms.

He focuses on using organic techniques, living in balance with nature and its cycles.

Growing mushrooms runs in Mr Roy's family - his grandfather started a mushroom farm.

Mr Roy created a Facebook event to pass on his knowledge to others and was overwhelmed by the interest, with more than 600 people wanting to attend.

Mr Roy was stressed. There wouldn't be enough tools or parking, he said.

And so, as the great mushroom growing event threatened to descend into a fiasco, Newshub decided to attend - to see why hundreds of others were so keen to learn Billy Mushroom's secrets.

Watch the video.