Police investigating high-speed near miss caught on camera

Police have confirmed they have begun an investigation after a video of a near head-on smash went viral.

The footage was recorded on a dashcam while a Marton woman, who asked to only be identified as Nikki, drove on State Highway 3 near Whanganui.

The video shows a blue Mazda Axela turning in front of her car, causing her to take immediate evasive action to avoid what would have been a high speed head-on collision.

Nikki's five-month-old baby was in the car at the time and can be heard crying in the video.

The video has now been viewed by police after getting more than 10,000 views on YouTube and has been shared on social media networks worldwide.

A police spokesperson said it would be premature to speculate as to what charges the driver could face, but thanked the public for making them aware of the video.