Third option on the table for ChristChurch Catherdral

The Anglican Church is considering the option of gifting the ChristChurch Cathedral to the people of New Zealand as a "gift."

In an announcement on Monday, the church said it is going to consider a third option for the future of the iconic cathedral which would mean the Government would have full control over its future.

A meeting of the Anglican Synod is scheduled for September to discuss two other options, reinstatement or demolishing the remains.

Bishop Victoria Matthews says the third option comes after the church heard "the passion of the people" over the building's future.

"Our concern with [Church Property Trustees] committing to full reinstatement has always been about the risk of the cost going over what we are able to commit to the reinstatement," she says.

"For example, if the damage is worse than anticipated, or there is a fundraising shortfall, we would be in serious trouble even with the generous Government offer.

"By gifting the Cathedral building to the Government, it would be reinstated to its former glory and managed by them on behalf of all New Zealanders for use as a public space."

A decision on the future of the ChristChurch Cathedral is expected following the Anglican Synod meeting on September 9.