Warm, wet spring ahead for most

Spring is set to be warmer than normal, but that good news comes with a catch.

NIWA's climate outlook for the next three months is forecasting more rain too.

"For much of the country I can virtually rule out a drier-than-normal spring," NIWA's Chris Brandolino told The AM Show on Thursday.

Instead, there will be "normal to above-normal rain, except for the east and west of the South Island, which are likely to be near normal".

It's a reversal from winter, which had normal rainfall for most of the country except the southeastern part of the South Island.

"I had a quick look at the maps, we were doing our climate review a couple of days ago. For the most part, unless you were in Christchurch or Dunedin - where you had that epic rainfall in July - rainfall was pretty much near normal."

The wet weather's being brought here by "significant low pressure systems, occasionally with a deep sub-tropical moisture connection", NIWA said in its August-October preview earlier this month.

While it's too early to pick what summer has in store, Mr Brandolino said the warm spring bodes well.

"If - if underscored, bold and italicised - if things work out, perhaps [we'll get] a few extra days going to the beach late in spring."