What an eye-full: Dunedin glass eye collection up for grabs

Two ophthalmologists based at the University of Otago's medical school are auctioning off their rare collection of glass eyeballs.

The bizarre collection is on display for the public to see before going up for auction.

It's an impressive collection, containing 300 glass eyeballs all in different shades, shapes and sizes.

"It was the collection of the two ophthalmologists and they spent many years collecting it, and it was really cherished and loved," Hayward's Auction House owner Bridgette More told Newshub.

The bizarre collection of all things relating to eyes includes antique specialist ophthalmology equipment.

It's attracting plenty of eyes nationwide.

"A lot of people from the North Island are interested, a couple of are people coming down just for these items in the collection," Ms More said.

The public is being given a chance to see it for themselves before the eyeballs find a new home. 

Each piece of equipment will be sold separately, and goes under the gavel tomorrow. 

The vision of this collection really will be in the eye of the beholder.